Tow Surf


All began with Surfing, pure Wave Riding. But the evolution never stopped and new SURF SPORTS became very popular like WIND SURFING and later KITE SURFING.
But SURF-BOARDS have found its way as a new BOAT-SPORT, WAKE SURF means riding the WAKE of the BOAT.

We wanna bridge the gap between WAKE-SURFING and WAKEBOARDING. TOW SURFING works best with small SURFBOARDS like the one used for Kitesurfing for example.

It can be surfed faster than wakesurf and one can cross the wake and ride the real waves of the sea! You can be towed by a Jetski as well as any small boat, there is no need for a special boat.

Great turns, great fun!  

With our WAKEBAR in combination of a waist harness we give the rider more freedom to surf, because the pull at the harness is very low at the body's center of gravity. Literally Millions of Kiters and Windsurfers are using a harness for maximal fun. Now its time to introduce this water proofed towing equipment to Boat-Sports. 


The ULTIMATE "KITE SIMULATOR". This is how it is called by our Kiteschools already using it as part of the beginners course.
When there is NO WIND they use our WAKEBAR to teach the waterstart and a good boardcontrol, but this of course by wearing a Kite-Harness to get used to the pull of the Kite.
...but it turned out to be a great fun for every surfer while waiting for the wind or wave. 
Strapless Riding is different than having wakeboard boots, and mastering a foilboard can be even more challenging, here too, our WAKEBAR proofed to be very helpful! 



If you are a water-sports enthusiast looking for new challenges well, then this is for you!  Surfing behind a beach catamaran or as we say SURF 'N' SAIL.

We fix a high and steep hanging towrope attached to the mast and then, with the CR WAKEBAR and the proper rigging, starting and riding even at lower speeds is actually possible. This opens new possibilities for all surfers in places where waves may not be big enough and motorized alternatives are not provided.


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